Andy ponders why his cycling jersey has shrunk!

Where did the past year go and surely this cycling Jersey has shrunk!

Andy Coles

The harsh truth is that overindulging in the social ‘café culture’ side of weekend club cycling has taken its toll. I maybe carrying more than a spare innertube currently, but who can resist a decent slice of homemade carrot cake made to test the strongest resolve #CAKEMYRIDE

So, it’s time to get serious. Ride4Life (R4L) is back and I’m pleased that once again we’re riding in support of this year with a dozen colleagues and suppliers. As Gary mentioned in his previous post, focusing predominantly in the employee benefits sector Mental Health is front and centre at Lutine. R4L provides us with a great platform to both raise awareness and fund raise.

Whether you’re living with the black fog that is depression, suffering with anxiety or one of the many other diagnosed conditions, that are pigeon-holed under the ‘Mental Health issues label’, the need to cover them all under one category, needs to stop. After all, society doesn’t use the blanket term ‘Physical Health Issues’ in the same way, it makes absolutely no sense.

The uncomfortable fact that Mind’s own ‘Workplace Wellbeing Index’ fully underscores for us is the that Mental Health problems are not rare, and there is definitely a need for people to talk more. It’s ok, not be ok.

Lutine is actively helping to bring more awareness and support for Mental Health well being, and will be launching a new Member Assistance Plan in June which provides counselling services to Group Life policy holders, and as a company, were par of a wider group, which has now put over 200 employees through Mental Health First Aid training, with a further 100 planned for the second half of the year. We’re listening.

As for training for the Ride4Life challenge, we’ll be ready!

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