Pretty sure I should’ve done more training by now…..

Gavin PumfordAs this year’s Ride4Life is very nearly upon us, I made the mistake of checking what training I had done by this point for last year’s challenge…I’d say I’m a good 2 months off the pace, so will hereby nominate myself to bring up the rear!

As the guys have mentioned we are squeezing back into our jerseys and asking people to dip into their pockets for the incredible charity MIND. Mental health problems affect people of all walks of life on a daily basis in so many different ways. MIND’s own site breaks down Mental Health problems into 32 different areas, so as Andy has already mentioned it’s not just a one size fits all. Helping to raise funds for MIND as well as awareness is the least we can do and it also helps the majority of us to get a bit fitter at the same time. Just gutted this year’s challenge won’t include a booze cruise ferry crossing to re-fuel, ah well, a well earned sausage roll from Greggs will have to do!

Oh and there is also the sensitive but important issue of a Spot Light award (a group wide employee awards), after those of us who took part in last year’s R4L challenge were honoured by being nominated but sadly not winning an award. Missing out has fuelled the desire to bring home a converted award more than ever! This is even more important for Maxwell who has had to practice his gracious losers face for the last 2 years at the awards (sorry Maxwell couldn’t resist!), so first and foremost please sponsor us whatever you can to help us reach our target for MIND and feel free to nominate us for a Spot Light award and let’s make it 3rd time lucky for Maxwell!

So with that said I best get Andy to order me a larger size jersey, get out the chamois cream and do some training!

To find out more about the Ride4Life challenge taking place on 12th July or to help us reach our £10k fund raising target for MIND, please visit our donation page.

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